Corporate Catering

Our meats and vegetables are cooked onsite over a live hardwood fire. This gives the finished product an added “smoke” flavor profile not found with propane grills. This also allows Meats to be be prepared to temperature (med-rare – med-well) further enhancing the dining experience.

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Corporate Catering Boone, NC

After the last few years, we could all use a little comfort and nourishment…and more reasons to come together and celebrate. Especially in the context of work gatherings where more and more workers are opting to go remote, all-personnel meetings can become important vehicles for moving company standards forward and creating a sense of community and collaboration. For professional corporate catering, Boone, NC entrepreneurs are best served by finding quality caterers capable of bringing the whole group together—regardless of taste preferences and allergies. In this post, we will explore the qualities to look for in corporate catering services as well as the benefits of hiring a professional caterer for you upcoming business event.

What to Look For in a Corporate Catering Service

When it comes to selecting the right catering service for your corporate event, of course you’ll want to hire a chef capable of producing tasty food—but there are other qualities to look for in a catering service as well! Especially in the context of Boone corporate catering, look for:

  1. Flavor: Obviously, the first and most important requirement in a catering company is that their food is delicious! As a business owner, what you’ll want to consider is what will provide the most universal “yum” for all your employees—regardless of background or dietary choices. For corporate events, it’s best to keep catering simple; and if you can find seasonal, organic, farm to table catering like Boone’s own Earthworks, you’ll be able to provide a singular experience that is not only flavorsome, but nourishing and celebratory as well.
  2. Dietary accommodations: It’s an inevitable truth that when you gather a group of people together, at least one person is going to have special dietary needs or preferences. Whether you employ vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free eaters, diabetics, or some other dietary lifestyle, it’s your primary responsibility to ensure that no one is left unconsidered and everyone has a plate of food to enjoy.
  3. Timeliness: If you live in the corporate world, you understand that time is money—and it’s important to find a catering service than can appreciate the value of your time as well. Well creativity in a culinary menu can inspire or excite your crew, it’s important to select a catering service that will honor your time constraints and keep things running on schedule—particularly when the food is not meant to be the focus.
  4. Food safety: When you are looking for a quality corporate catering service, one of the most vital aspects to consider is how they will transport or prepare the food, keep it at safe temperatures, and sanitarily serve your group. You want the focus of the event to be the contents of what’s shared during the gathering—not mass food poisoning!
  5. Interest in customer experience and positive reviews: It feels good to be creative—but it also feels good to serve people quality food. Look for a catering company that considers not only the food preparation aspect of their service but also looks intentionally at the impact they may have on their customers. Find caterers with satisfied customer reviews, and seek chefs that are able to provide a client-centric experience that adds to the ease and joy of your company proceedings.

Best Corporate Catering Boone, NC with Earthworks

If you’re looking for farm to table catering “near me,” in the Boone, NC area, you’ll want to know about the local farm to table service offered by Earthworks. One of the best Boone, NC catering companies in the business, Earthworks can provide your crew with delicious, locally-sourced produce that sparks a creative and inclusive foundation for your corporate event catering needs—whether you need gluten free catering, vegetarian catering, or some other dietary regulation.

Click here to speak with North Carolina native Chef Ed Winebarger for more information on how you can fuel your next big corporate lunch, catering event, or other business endeavor.