Wedding Catering

Our meats and vegetables are cooked onsite over a live hardwood fire. This gives the finished product an added “smoke” flavor profile not found with propane grills. This also allows Meats to be be prepared to temperature (med-rare – med-well) further enhancing the dining experience.

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Wedding Catering Services Boone, NC: What to Look For in a Caterer

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and get married. When the initial afterglow of the shared “yes” has worn off and the congratulations have been spread throughout your friends and family, the behemoth of planning your wedding begins to emerge from behind the felicitations. One of the most intimate and meaningful ways we can share love with those who matter to us is through food—so it’s no understatement that choosing a good wedding caterer can make a profound impact on the experience of your celebration. When it comes to wedding catering, Boone, NC residents will want to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a caterer—as well as what to look for in a local caterer for their big day!

Why Hire a Wedding Caterer?

They say your wedding is one of the biggest—if not the most important—night of your life, barring perhaps the birth of a child, graduating medical school, or ascending into knighthood. While selecting a good caterer doesn’t have to be an arduous ordeal, there are many benefits that come with outsourcing the task of feeding your loved ones during this festive time. Here are the top five reasons to hire a wedding caterer in Boone:

  1. No stress: When it comes to your wedding day, you deserve to put yourself (and your hunnie) at center stage! Why worry about the logistical stress of planning, prepping, cooking, transporting, and safely serving food to your loved ones when you can spend your time dancing instead?
  2. Satisfy all diets: Do you have family members or friends with special dietary needs or preferences? With proper notification, a professional catering service in Boone, NC can cultivate a mouth-watering menu to satisfy all members of your party.
  3. Cultivate a mood: Are you looking to leave your guests feeling refreshed after eating? Nourished? Satiated? Inspired? You can have a huge impact on the vibe of your celebrations depending on how you source your food. Local farm-to-table caterers like Earthworks can provide innovative dishes that both nourish and satisfy—and are sure to leave an impression on your clan.
  4. Share something meaningful: Food is a fantastic foundation for celebrating, sharing good feelings, celebrating tradition and new beginnings, and expression. Whether you want to transport someone back in time to a familiar, homey place or push the limits of your guests’ comfort zones, food can be a medium for exploration, celebration, and innovation.
  5. Invest in local caterers: Local businesses deserve your love too—even if getting the wedding invitations printed by a big business printer was the most budget-friendly option. Local chefs, artisans, and caterers can help make your celebration intimate and rewarding with the knowledge that you are celebrating a local creative and entrepreneur while feeding your family.

What to Look for in a Wedding Catering Service

Not all catering companies are created equal—and certainly there are many factors to consider before selecting the right chef to cook for your big event. When looking for a Boone catering company, seek a catering service that embodies the following characteristics:

  1. Customer service and positive reviews: Don’t waste your time with a catering company that is going to deliver unremarkable or unsavory results. Be sure to review your local caterers in Boone by looking at previous clients’ testimonies—especially those which allude to the holistic experience of working with the caterer, from introductions to clean up.
  2. Outstanding menu cultivation, including those with dietary needs: They say creativity loves constraints…and for a thoughtful chef, those with dietary restrictions often get a little extra special attention. Find a caterer that is flexible and innovative in their menu cultivation, and also willing to reflect the wants and needs of you and your loved ones.
  3. Local sourcing and networking: Does the catering company in question work with local artisans, butchers, bakers, and cheese makers? Are they well-regarded within the community of Boone? Will investing in their services have a net positive effect on the local economy? Where does the chef source their ingredients? These are all questions to ask before hiring a chef to cater your wedding.
  4. High-value ingredients, high-value experience: It’s hard to fail when you’re starting with good quality ingredients…both in the sense of cooking, but also in the sense of wedding planning—and therefore celebrating! Your wedding is the perfect night to splurge on the nice wine, aged cheese, heirloom produce, and local baguettes! With a farm to table catering service like Earthworks, Chef and area native Ed Winebarger can provide a seed to plate experience with some of the most intentionally grown produce in the county.

Earthworks’ Wedding Catering Boone, NC

There’s no sense in stressing over the logistics of feeding a large party of people—now is the time to hire the local experts and culinary creatives capable of taking on a project of this magnitude. Make your wedding a night to remember with outstanding cuisine that leaves an impression! If you’re looking for the best wedding catering in Boone, NC, contact Chef Ed Winebarger of Earthworks catering today!