Holiday / Event Catering

Our meats and vegetables are cooked onsite over a live hardwood fire. This gives the finished product an added “smoke” flavor profile not found with propane grills. This also allows Meats to be be prepared to temperature (med-rare – med-well) further enhancing the dining experience.

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Holiday Events: Top Five Reasons to Hire Boone Catering Services from Earth Works

Hosting holiday events can be stressful—whether it’s your annual neighborhood block party or an annual holiday celebration with your company. Food is an amazing conduit for connection, igniting emotions and creating a platform for shared experience. This can be an amazing opportunity to move you and your celebrants towards higher planes of achievement—whether you measure success in financial wealth or other forms of prosperity. In this post, we will answer the question of what farm to table catering is, as well as the top five reasons to haveyour holiday events catered!

What Is Farm to Table Catering?

Usually located at the farm where the produce is grown, the meat is butchered, and the dairy harvested, at its root, a farm to table catering service aims to provide guests with a holistic dining experience—from the miracle of life sprouting out of a dormant seed in the field just outside the window to the exquisite execution of a perfectly-seared steak. Generally, this type or restaurant or catering services aims to increase the harmony within which humans receive nourishment, with grateful nods at farmers, ranchers, butchers, local artisans, and more. If you are looking for a farm to table catering service “near me,” you are likely looking for an experience like those offered by Earthworks, in which Chef Ed Winebarger cultivates, harvests, and prepares his own produce for guests’ enjoyment.

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Top Five Reasons to Cater Holiday Events

For some people, farm to table is a lifestyle—but you don’t have to go to the extremes of quitting your day jobs and toiling in the crop fields to enjoy this high-quality caliber of dining. In fact, celebrating your holiday events with delicious and nourishing foods can be as easy as hiring your local Boone, NC catering company. Here are the top five reasons why you should cater your holiday events—from Christmas catering to Spring Equinox celebrations:

  1. No stress: The logistics, the planning, the cultivation, the transport, preparation, execution, plating…there’s a lot of forethought and intentionality that goes into a good catering company. Arguably the best part about outsourcing food responsibilities to a quality catering service is releasing yourself from the pressure of feeding people—not to mention the arduous and physical nature of food preparation!
  2. Support local creatives and entrepreneurs: What better way to celebrate the holiday spirit than by investing in local businesses? Allow your Boone area creatives like Chef Ed Winebarger to wow you with innovative creations while enjoying the double benefit of investing energy and finances into your local business ecosystem. This can act as a gift that gives both ways!
  3. Reduce waste and carbon footprint: Working with a local catering company, especially a farm to table service like Earth Works, can provide a memorable dining experience with minimal environmental impact—while also celebrating local harvests and abundance! Who knew making conscious choices could taste so good?
  4. No need to clean up afterwards: One thing about cooking is, there are always dirty dishes in the sink as a coincidental result, along with our full bellies. By hiring holiday events catering services, you can enjoy the best parts of cooking without the prep work or aftermath—the food!
  5. New experiences: While large catering companies can offer reliable, if not repetitive, edible fare, a local catering company like Boone’s Earthworks can provide a unique experience that has the potential to move your guests in new and exciting ways; likewise, it may also evoke cherished memories, paving the opportunity to express and experience one of the primary joys of life: eating.

Memorable Holiday Events Catering with Earthworks

If you are planning on hosting one or more holiday events this year, you may be better off leaving the food production to the professionals. Not only is this less on your plate in terms of planning and logistics, but makes for simple, easy hosting with less stress and more fun! If you’re looking to make your upcoming holiday party memorable for all—including those with dietary restrictions, such as gluten intolerance, vegetarian preferences, etc—then consider contacting Chef Ed Winebarger today. One of Boone’s brightest entrepreneurs, Chef Winebarger cultivates most of his own produce, seeding intentionality to each one of his clients’ experiences.