Special Events Catering

Our meats and vegetables are cooked onsite over a live hardwood fire. This gives the finished product an added “smoke” flavor profile not found with propane grills. This also allows Meats to be be prepared to temperature (med-rare – med-well) further enhancing the dining experience.

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Holiday Events: Top Five Reasons to Hire Boone Catering Services from Earth Works

Hosting holiday events can be stressful—whether it’s your annual neighborhood block party or an annual holiday celebration with your company. Food is an amazing conduit for connection, igniting emotions and creating a platform for shared experience. This can be an amazing opportunity to move you and your celebrants towards higher planes of achievement—whether you measure success in financial wealth or other forms of prosperity. In this post, we will answer the question of what farm to table catering is, as well as the top five reasons to have your holiday events catered!

What Types of Special Events Often Require Catering?

There are many different types of events that provide excellent catering opportunities—from corporate catering to holiday events. Some of the most popular examples of special events that benefit from a quality local catering company “near me,” (i.e. in the Boone area) include:

  1. Weddings: Does it get any more important than selecting the right caterer for your wedding? While this big day is decidedly about celebrating the lovebirds who have tied the knot, it is also about bringing families together—and creating a foundational love based on shared experiences…namely through delicious wedding catering! Finding the best Boone, NC wedding caterer can help leave a positive impression on every guest and nourish your loved ones in many ways. Why not make it a night to remember? And don’t forget the benefits of a catered bridal shower or stag party!
  2. Birthdays or other annual events: When was the last time you celebrated you? Or maybe there is a holiday you love to embody, seeking holiday catering “near me” to bring out your neighbors’ festive sides! Do we need an excuse to feed each other good food?
  3. Professional or bucket list milestones: Achievements can easily go unacknowledged in life, as oftentimes our focus can become distracted by things that are less meaningful. Whether you throw a surprise party for your coworker’s recent promotion or host an event to celebrate your career path, corporate catering companies in Boone can help you celebrate your professional advancement.
  4. Baby showers: If new life isn’t a cause to celebrate, then what else is? If you or someone you know is expecting, it is time to pull out all the stops and gather your loved ones around a joyful table.
  5. Retirement parties: If you’ve made it to retirement, you deserve a party. That’s no joke. Earthworks is Boone’s leading local catering company “near me,” and will help you step out of the workforce and into the next chapter of your life with a sense of fun and adventure!

Of course, you can cater any sort of event you like…there are always reasons to celebrate, if only we are intentional enough to find them!

Benefits of Investing in Special Events Catering

If all else fails, it’s nice to fall back on quality special events catering to impress people attending a party with a sense of satisfaction. Even if your balloons deflate, your fundraiser is a flop, or your guest of honor never shows up for your bridal shower, if the food is good, at the very least you will have provided a satisfactory experience when it comes to dishing up. Other benefits of special events catering in Boone include:

  1. Invest in those you care for: Sharing a good experience with your family—both chosen family and blood relatives—is not only a great way to cultivate unity, but also demonstrates a willingness to give back to those you love with nourishment, good will, and most of all, flavor! Shared gratitude can foster a sense of community, refresh those you love with a distraction from global chaos and can even inspire connection-building and deeper relationship exploration.
  2. Support local business ecosystems: There’s no denying that it’s tough going out there in the corporate world. Looking for a local catering company is a great way to invest in your local economy and potentially even develop working relationships with local creatives, artisans, chefs, and other spark-inciting collaborators.
  3. Provide hospitality for guests and travelers: One of the most impactful ways you can make an impression on your traveling guests and loved ones is by feeding them a good meal. What kind of food would you want to eat after a long day of travel? What would inspire good feelings with your crew? Carefully choosing a special events caterer is just one way to infuse more intentionality to your endeavors and add layers of meaning and possibility into the holistic experience of your event.

Of course, you can cater any sort of event you like…there are always reasons to celebrate, if only we are intentional enough to find them!

Best Special Events Catering in Boone with Earthworks

Earthworks catering offers locally-sourced, organic culinary creations that are likely to make an impression on your guests. North Carolina native Chef Ed Winebarger understands the importance of celebrating the good things in life, gathering those you love around you, raising a glass, and eating well. To learn more about how we can contribute to your next special event, contact Chef Winebarger today!